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Launch Manistee

LAUNCH MANISTEE is a new initiative designed to support the success of students from early childhood through adulthood, and ultimately the economic prosperity of Manistee County.

Education is a lifelong journey that starts before a child sets foot in a classroom and continues well past a cap-and-gown ceremony. Education is much more inclusive than what happens in the school building alone and involves the collective energy, investment, and commitment of parents and the community.

Baker College - Manistee Classes

Read the press release about the 4 new classes that Baker College is offering in Manistee County.

West Shore Community College

Your career goals are closer than you think because the center offers educational opportunities that are more convenient than ever. In fact, you can earn a degree from the center from a wide array of classes including English composition, business, accounting, social sciences, mathematics, computer technology and even music appreciation.