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About AES

The Alliance for Economic Success (AES) is an economic development organization servicing Manistee County and the surrounding areas. It defines economic development as improving the economic well-being and quality of life of businesses and employees in the community.

As a full-service economic development organization, AES works collaboratively with all businesses, governments and community organizations. Assistance is available for all business sectors (industry, service, small and medium businesses, agriculture, etc.), municipalities and community organizations to support and promote activities that drive economic growth, while balancing and preserving quality of life.

AES provides expansion and site location services, small business planning services, diagnostic assessments and recommendations for small to medium sized business, access to local, state and federal incentives and assistance, liaison service to governments’ offices and provides neutral third-party convener and facilitation services to help develop organizational and leadership capacities and positive relationships.

AES provides services and programs through "contract for service" funds. Organizations who share like goals and visions contract with AES for services.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Alliance for Economic Success is to play a leadership role in assisting entrepreneurs, communities, and business and nonprofit organizations that wish to capitalize on their cultural and economic opportunities and natural assets.